e-office FAQs 
e-office Training Video
List of department/office for e-office under batch 1, 2 and 3 download icon 

Following are the steps to be followed to implement the e-office:

Activity Blank Form Action to be taken
Creation of E-mail of all officers/officials for class A, B and C Bulk-email Subscription Form: To be signed by Head of the department download icon  Send Signed copy to CTM-Sonipat
Data of employees in excel sheet download icon  Fill the data in excel sheet and send via e-mail at with a copy to and

Also send signed copy to CTM-Sonipat

EMD (Employee Management Database) download icon  After creation of e-mail for all employees, please fill the details and send the same to your Head office and and copy to and


DPMU Consists of person in 3 category:

  1. Nodal officer: It will be the HOD to drive the e-office in their department.

  2. EMD Supervisor: This person will responsible to update the all the EMD details in e-office i.e. transfers of staff etc.

  3. Master Trainer: This may be Junior Programmer/Operator or any technical person who would be capable to impart the training on e-office.

A DPMU is to be created for each and every office and share the details with Head office and and copy to and


File Head Please create the file head as per sample given and share the details with your Head office and and copy to and