Haryana e-Service Scheme

Date : 03/01/2019 - | Sector: सरकार

This scheme, according to the proposed approach of the Government of India, after a private entrepreneurial business model, in Haryana State, in the name of Haryana “State of Haryana e-Service” under the name and style of CSC establishment and roll-out to inform this plan Has expressed happiness. A private entrepreneur, known as village level entrepreneur (VLE) / urban level entrepreneur (UEE), whether it is a rural or urban area, according to the village nomenclature, is to be chosen as a CSC operator and it has to be authorized by the government Work as a civil service delivery point on behalf of

Document under Haryana e-Service Scheme:
1. Application form for establishment of CSC: Download (140 KB)
2. Haryana CSC Scheme Concept and Proposal: Download (1.77 MB)
3. Haryana e-service notification: Download (224 KB)


This plan is a citizen centric plan and is beneficial for every person

Fast delivery of e-services


यह योजना एक नागरिक केंद्रित योजना है और प्रत्येक व्यक्ति के लिए फायदेमंद है


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How To Apply

1. Application form for establishment of CSC
2. Haryana CSC Scheme Concept and Proposal
3. Haryana e-service notification: