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British Time Tehsil
British Time Tehsil

This district was carved out of the erstwhile Rohtak district on 22 December 1972. The district is named after its administrative headquarters, Sonipat….

Sikh history
Badh Khalsa, Sonepat

Bhai Jaita Ji After the martyrdom of the ninth Guru, Bhai Jaita Ji picked up the severed head and moved…

Statue Mahakali Mandir
Old Maa Kaali Temple

Sonipat has a very old history. The name of Sonipat has even been mentioned in the period of Mahabharata. As…

Rishi Chunkat
Shambhu Nath, Nahri Sonepat

Sonepat is a historical and an ancient city. Thousands of years ago, Baba Puranmal so of king Salewan, who ruled…

Mama Bhanja Dargah

Sonipat is an ancient city. In Sonipat town a Mosque named Mama Bhanja Dargah is located on old DC Road….