Section 4 (1)(b)(i)

Particulars of organization, functions and duties


The District Revenue & Disaster Management Officer, Sonipat (also known as DRO) is the Deputy Commissioner’s Principal Administrative Officer, who is expected to assist the DC in revenue matters and also monitoring the working of Revenue functionaries in the District. This Revenue District has been divided into 4 Sub Divisions, 4 Tehsils, 2 Sub Tehsils, 12 Field Kanungo Circles and 129 Patwar Circles, functioning of which is supervised by this office.  Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars are Circle Revenue Officers of their respective Tehsils/Sub Tehsils.  Apart from duties reg. maintenance of law and order in the District, this office supervise working of all Circle Revenue Officers i.e. Tehsildars and Naib Tehsildars.

As clears from its designation, this office also performs all such duties which are immediately required in responding disaster like situations i.e. pandemic, flood, drought, hailstorm, fire, earthquake, persons drowned in river/canal etc. This office plays an vital role in granting/making recommendation of financial assistance/relief to the affected entitled persons as per norms prescribed by the Govt. with the approval of the Deputy Commissioner, Sonipat, in case any natural calamity arises.

There are 8 branches of Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Sonipat under control of District Revenue & Disaster Management Officer, Sonipat, which deals with various types of works assigned to them. Incharge of each branch is an official of the rank of Assistant/Kanungo and supervised by Assistant Superintendent.  

Nature of working of each branch, procedure followed in decision making process, including channels of supervision has been shown in Organization Chart .