Section 4 (1)(b)(vi) 

Statement of the categories of documents that are held by or under control

Details of categories of documents relating to work/subject dealt by the branches related to this office are as under :-


Subject dealt by  branch

Sadar Kanungo
  1. Keep record of land reg. its ownership and cultivation upto date. 
  2. Maintaining record room of Land records, where jamabandies of whole district and mussavies repared by  consolidation  staff during consolidation are kept.
  3. Computerization of entire jamabandies of all revenue villages.
  4. Grievances of agriculturists against Patwaris and Kanungoes.
  5. Service matters i.e. appointment, transfers, grant of ACP, promotion, leave sanctioning, maintenance of ACRs of Patwaries and Kanungoes.
  6. Implementation of Svamitva Scheme. 
  7. Matters related to Haryana-UP Boundary dispute.   
  8. Record of Asset Management Cell.
  9. Matters related to Rehabilitation Branch.
Flood Relief Branch     1. Flood protection measures.

    2. Disaster Management.

    3. Purchase, storage and distribution of items to District offices required for containment of Covid-19.

    4. Grant/recommendation for grant of financial assistance/relief  in case of natural calamities on basis of report of field staff. 

    5. Compensation of loss of Commercial Property and Residential Property due to riots/natural disasters.

    6. Rescue operations in cases of persons drowned river/canals.

    7..Making recommendations for inclusion of any item to be added in agenda of Flood Control Board, Haryana.

District Revenue Accountant
  1. To maintain accounts of recovery of Govt. dues i.e. Land Revenue, Water-rate (abiana) and dues of other Govt.deptts/board/corporations and Banks etc.
  2. Allotment and leasing out of Nazul Land.
  3.  Service matters i.e. appointment, transfers, grant of ACP, promotion, leave sanctioning, maintenance of ACRs,  preparation of seniority listof DRA/TRA/WBN/AWBNs.
  4. Update status of audit paras
Copying Branch
  • To provide certified copies of all public documents consigned in Record Room Land Record (VRK branch) and of the Revenue Records, jamabandies etc., Court Cases decided or undecided to the concerned persons or their counsels on their demand.
Head Registration Branch
  1. Deals with work of registration at Registrar level
  2.  Examining work done at the level of Sub Registrars/Joint Sub Registrars.
  3.  Maintenance of old record of registration.
  4.  Issuance of Deed Writer’s, Stamp Vendor’s, Property Dealer’s License. 
  5. Submission of monthly reports to Govt. 
  6. Proper Stamping of Power of Attorneys sent by persons living abroad. 
  7. Sanctioning in cases of deficiency of Stamp Duty pointed out during Audit u/s 47A(3).
  8. Update recovery status of audit paras of Stamp Auditor and AG, Haryana.
  9. Issuance of solvency certificate.
  10. Decree registration
  11. Collector rate fixation 
  12. Permission for regn. of documents related to blind persons.
Vernacular  Record Keeper  Judicial and revenue record of cases decided by  Revenue or Judicial Courts is maintained.
Land Acquisition  Branch
  1. Proceedings reg.acquisition of land under NH Act, 1956, Land Acquisition Act, 1894, The Right to Fair Act, 2013, Railway Act, 1989.
  2. Disbursement of compensation amount.
  3.  To solve the problems of landowners.
  4. To maintain the Revenue record in LAC Branch.
Ligh-Migh Branch This branch deals with recovery of housing loans granted under LIGH and MIGH schemes.