Shambhu Nath, Nahri Sonepat


Sonepat is a historical and an ancient city. Thousands of years ago, Baba Puranmal so of king Salewan, who ruled Shalkot, came to village Nahri in District Sonepat for meditation and to attain spiritual bliss. During that period, the area around village Nahri was a heavy forest, still very old trees of Gular, Peepal, Bargad, Janti, etc. can be seen here. Keeping in mind this ancient view, diety Shiv Dada Shambhu’s temple had been established here. In place of earlier small temple, now a magnificient temple has been constructed by the devotees. Later Baba Kude Nath, Baba Mast Nath, Ranpat Nath, Maan Data Nath came here for ‘Tapasya’ to attain the spiritual bliss. As such, this Tapasya Sthal and temple have become a centre for spiritual salvation for people. Here, a grand fair is held biannually i.e. on every Phagun Navami (March) month and Asadh Saptami (July). Many saints and sages still visit here for having worship and salvation. At present, Baba Karambeer Nath is looking after this place as the priest.

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest International airports is Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi ( Approx. 60Km).

By Train

Sonipat is connected via Rail routes from Delhi, Panipat as well as Jind.

By Road

Four main highways connected to the place